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May 31, 2017

Graduation Story: Tsutomu (Tommy) Molioo

We asked graduates to share their journey to graduation. Here is what Tsutomu (Tommy) Molioo (Environmental Policy and Management) had to say in his own words…

My journey to graduate from DU with my master’s in Environmental Policy & Management began three years ago when I received my acceptance letter two days after my first son was born in 2014. What a week to not only become a new father but also to be back in grad school after graduating with my B.A. and working as a wildlife biology consultant for seven years.

In my time as a grad student at DU, I’ve not only become a father for the first time but changed companies from where I first interned at and became a father for the second time with the birth of my second son in 2016. New job, new grad program, and two new kids in the three years it’s taken me to graduate. My wife has been my greatest support during my grad program, and I owe most of my success to her. I recently lost my father a few months ago, and I questioned whether I should delay graduating to take a semester off. But I persevered and will be graduating in June because, besides everything I learned in my graduate program, I also learned how to work through adversity and be successful despite challenges and life’s obstacles that don’t care if an assignment is due.

The online grad program that DU offers through University College was the only option I had to get a quality education in my field while still working full-time, raising two boys, and maintaining a successful marriage. And I’m so grateful that I made the choice to apply three years ago, stuck to it, and now am able to walk across the stage as a DU graduate. I’m also thankful for the DU faculty and staff that have helped me throughout my program, and my fellow students who have provided so much information and knowledge to learn from. I think it’s great that DU offers this program for working adults and I hope more people take the step to go back to school as it’s never too late and this is not only a personal goal but something that a lot of people do to improve their family’s life as well. I can’t wait to bring my family from Huntington Beach, CA to Denver, CO and finally see the faculty and campus that I’ve been a student at. This has definitely been an experience that will change my life forever.

Congratulations, Tommy!

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