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June 18, 2017

Q&A with UCAN President Meghan Balderston

The University College Alumni Network (UCAN) recently appointed Meghan Balderston as the new UCAN Board President. We asked Meghan about her background, experience being on the UCAN board, and the vision she has for the future of UCAN.

When did you graduate and what program were you in?
I graduated in March 2017. I earned my master’s in Communication Management.

What is your current position?
I currently work at the University of Denver in the Internationalization department. I teach English to international students.

How long have you been in UCAN and what has your experience been?
I have been a part of UCAN since August 2016. I started out in the role of Community Chair. I moved into the President role in June 2017. My experience has been very positive. Everyone on the board is very welcoming and creative. We all work together to help make the board a success.

What inspired you to join UCAN?
I have two reasons. First, during my time in the program, I had the opportunity to meet face-face with an online instructor, Bernie Fischer, after the course was over. It was wonderful to have Bernie as a teacher, and I thought it would be great to continue working with her in a different capacity. Bernie is on the board, and she had such positive remarks about being a board member. She definitely inspired me. Second, I had such a great experience at University College, and I wanted to stay connected and find a way to give back. Being on the board gave me the opportunity to do so.

What ideas do you have for future meetups?
Many University College graduates live outside of Denver, so I think it would be great to have meetups in other cities and to continue to think about how we can meet up virtually. The professional webinars are great, and we will continue to promote those. I like the idea of providing both face-face and virtual meetups.

What is your vision for UCAN?
My vision is that UCAN will continue to grow. I think we will have more board members who will bring in creative, fresh ideas, and I hope alumni see the value in the board and want to be a part of it in some way. We are working on online resources that alumni will have access to and can help contribute to. UCAN helps build a community, and I envision this community to broaden in many ways.

What is your message for newly graduated students who are not sure about joining?
My message is “stay connected!” You have met so many wonderful teachers and colleagues during the program, and who knows, you may even build a friendship or a business relationship with someone who graduated. It’s just a great way to stay connected and learn about events and opportunities related to professional development.

Anything else you want to add?
My experience being on the board has been wonderful. Victoria, Tonya, and Bernie (current board members) have such positive energy, and they certainly make the board fun and worthwhile. UCAN is a great way to network and stay connected!

Stay connected with UCAN by joining the UCAN Meetup group.

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