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December 5, 2018

Five Skills for Millennial Leaders

There’s a new leader on the rise and chances are it’s you. By 2020, millennials will make up 50% of the workforce, and nearly all of them will seek out leadership responsibilities, according to The Millennial Leadership Study. Here are the skills and characteristics this new generation of leaders will need as industries shift and new talent rises to the top.

Global Perspective
Millennials don’t just think locally, they think globally and consider the global impact of each move they make as individuals and as organizations. Cultivating this global mindset will be crucial to success, as you can expect to go global in everything we do.

It’s not just the requisite business class in our undergraduate education, but rather a fundamental approach to how we live. As millennials take the reins of new or established organizations, they will commit to social responsibility and a moral high ground unlike any leader in the past.

There’s a ripple effect when it comes to innovation, and millennial leaders will need to learn how to manage through change and recognize the impact it may have.

Millennial leaders embrace the team environment and expect collaboration. Whether that’s collaboration with your co-workers, customers, board, donors, or beyond – working together to achieve a common goal is how millennials expect to work.

Perhaps passion doesn’t quite qualify as a skill, but it’s certainly a characteristic most millennials possess. Whether it’s passion for their organization’s mission or for the work they do day-to-day, millennials seek passion with a purpose.

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