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October 3, 2019

Course Spotlight: The Puerto Rican Paradox: Challenges & Opportunities in Uncertain Times

The Commonwealth of Puerto Rico is a tropical paradise boasting vibrant communities, rich cultures, and abundant natural resources. It is also plagued by a debilitating debt crisis, political corruption, and a crumbling infrastructure. In this course, students will examine the paradox that is Puerto Rico. In addition to gaining broad exposure to the history and culture of the island, students will analyze a topic of their choosing, with the professor’s approval. Explore these topics in further detail by going on-site to San Juan February 24-28, 2020! During this trip, students will attend lectures, go on excursions, and engage with local communities to address a problem of mutual concern.

This course is available to all University College students. Apply by sending a statement of interest, including a 1-paragraph description of the research topic you wish to pursue in San Juan to Dr. Arianna Nowakowski at by October 25, 2019.

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