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April 3, 2020

ElevatED: Episode 5

The ElevatED podcast is a space for conversations around elevating teaching practices and applied learning for post-traditional students. This is a summary of the latest episode.

This episode of ElevatED explores leveraging graduate certificates for a career change with alumnus Marcus Farmer, who earned a graduate certificate in marketing communication in 2017. Marcus came to study at University College after working for 10 years in the manufacturing industry as an engineer. When the industry took a downturn, he was eager to retool his career and felt that continued education was the best option.

For Marcus, a father of two, going back to school meant juggling business projects, family, and time. He found that three philosophies helped him get the most out of his education and set up a solid foundation for his thriving career: be intentional, ask questions, and never stop learning.

Be Intentional

Marcus chose his education and career goals with great research and intention. Empowered by motivational podcasts, he gave himself the space to really make a plan for how he envisioned his future.

He decided that digital marketing was an industry with a lot of opportunity, as well as one that he truly was interested in, and he chose University College to pursue his goals in the form of a graduate certificate.

“I realized that what matters is not just being in an industry that is good, but being in an industry that you like,” he says. “I came in with a scope of intention and execution on how I wanted it to play out.”

Ask Questions

Marcus was able to hit the ground running in his courses because he actively participated in his education, asking questions and seeking opportunities to leverage what he was learning.

The business exposure in his former career inspired Marcus to question how he could apply course information to real companies. He’d ask questions of colleagues about how digital tools could help their business models, as well as bring questions back from the business world to discuss in the classroom.

Never Stop Learning

Marcus’ drive to apply knowledge reflects his third philosophy: never stop learning both professionally and personally.

He feels that digital marketing is a vast industry that is ever evolving; the practitioners who can stay nimble and incorporate the new with core concepts will find themselves busy.

“Lifelong learning is just a healthy practice, and it drive success,” Marcus said.

Listen to the full episode.

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