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June 10, 2020

Graduation Stories: Andrew A. Rosado Hartline

We asked graduates to share their journey to graduation. Here is what Andrew Rosado Hartline (Organizational Leadership) had to say in his own words…

I am a the first person in my family to obtain a college degree and now a graduate degree. Having grown up in a poor barrio in Puerto Rico, education became an integral part of my life to strive for something better and was able to accomplish that.

After having moved to Colorado with my husband in 2015 and starting a new life, in 2017 Hurricane Maria hit Puerto Rico and our lives changed completely.

Coincidentally, I had also started my Master’s program. The first days when the Hurricane hit were some of the hardest days of my life. We worked hard to support our families and friends back in the island and ultimately we brought and supported my sister, my niece, and my mother.

My husband lost his job, I was not working temporarily and my family also had to start over. That’s how my first trimester went at DU. Things were better after a while but not without challenges. We faced numerous bureaucratical challenges, discrimination, all the while I worked 50+ hours in my different jobs up until graduation.

In the end, my family achieved stability, my husband found his dream job as Sr. DevOps Engineer, and I transitioned from coordinator in the field of Education to Project Manager at an IT company.

My whole journey at DU was filled with ups and downs at work and in my personal life, but I could always count on a community of professors, classmates, and advisors that were supportive and understanding in my lowest and in my highest.

The two years I spent at UCOL will be unforgettable, and I am privileged to have had such an experience and rubbed shoulders with so many wonderful people.

Congratulations, Andrew!

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