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September 14, 2020

Healthcare Coders Weather the Stormy Economy

According to a 2020 Bureau of Labor Statistics report, healthcare has seen one of the largest employment increases, adding over 125,000 jobs in July alone, with 20 percent of those in physicians’ offices. One of those in-demand roles? Medical coding.

Today, there are roughly 250,000 certified professional coders. Certified coders can work in single or group medical practices, as well as for hospitals or health systems. Medical coding is an essential service to healthcare providers — codes must be used to report all diagnoses, procedures, and supplies, plus all payments are linked to codes. Standardized medical codes expedite information gathering, billing, and data collection and analysis, all contributing to an overall cost reduction for healthcare delivery, as well as better patient care.

The average salary of a Professional Coder, based on a 2019 survey, was $54,890. In addition, the medical coding industry is conducive to a remote work environment and can open doors to opportunities in healthcare documentation, auditing, compliance, and revenue management. There are no specific educational requirements to become certified; however, for those already working as medical billers, or those who are hoping to make a career change, certification as a medical coder can increase your value. If you are already running a medical practice, a certification will increase your understanding of your operation’s revenue flow.  

If you are interested in pursuing a role as a certified Professional Coder in a flexible online environment, the Center for Professional Development at the University of Denver is partnering with Physicians’ Ally Inc. to provide the American Academic of Professional Coders certificate preparation curriculum. The 20-week course covers the key topics included on the exam and is infused with years of real-life medical billing and coding experience, incorporating insights from practicing physicians. For more information, visit

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