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November 16, 2020

Developing Leadership Skills to Leverage Generational Differences

As employees retire later and new generations enter the workforce, managers may find themselves with a multi-generational team spanning a 40-plus year age gap.

A quick search of “generational differences” in Forbes or Business Insider will return pages of articles on this hot topic. Experts providing comparisons of generational strengths and weaknesses, ideas for managing conflict among employees at different life stages, and list upon list of tips and tricks for bridging gaps between loyal Baby Boomers and new Millennial job changers will all turn up in the search results.

The emergence in the workforce of Gen Z, a highly technological group that has been called wildly different from their predecessors, has added new considerations to the challenge of managing across the lifespan of a company’s workforce.

Add to that the current shifts in the workplace due to the COVID-19 pandemic, and managers are faced with several challenges to consider. How do you sort through the information out there to implement best practices and steps that will work for your team? How can you tackle a complex issue that some companies are hiring generational consultants for? How do managers and team leaders tackle these differences head on, with confidence?

If you are looking for guidance on leading a multi-generational staff, the Center for Professional Development at the University of Denver can help! A three-hour workshop in Leveraging Generational Differences will be held December 1 ($125). The will help you wade through the choppy waters of cross-generational management, develop an actionable plan to bridge generational divides, and truly leverage the strengths of each of your team members for maximum communication, collaboration, and productivity.

Visit the Center for Professional Development’s website to learn more about this course and other short-course and non-degree certificate options to develop skills and advance your career.  

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