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January 8, 2022

Four Top Growing Fields in 2022

As a new year arrives, so do many opportunities in the ever-evolving job market. If you are considering a career change in 2022, there are four standout fields according to Forbes that are proving to be a gold mine for job seekers.


The pandemic saw many entering the healthcare field, but there are several job openings still needing to be filled. In fact, healthcare is one of the main industries that is expected to drive employment in 2022. That includes jobs for practitioners but also jobs in technical support, like health data science, and management/administration.

Information Technology

Continuing its growth trend, IT has a very bright future, and with smartphone and remote work development demand increasing, the industry will only continue to need skilled professionals. The Bureau of Labor Statistics predicts a growth of 300,000 jobs over the next eight years in the software development field alone.   

Supply Chain Management

The pandemic exposed the shortcomings of the just-in-time supply chain system on which much of the industry relied on prior to COVID. As the field continues to evolve, problem-solvers who can use math and engineering principles to solve supply chain challenges are highly desired.

Data Scientists

Data scientists, including UX and health data professionals among other job titles, are key to helping companies make data-based decisions that drive organizational goals. And, they are not only in high demand in 2022 — employment opportunities in the data field are expected to grow by 30 percent across industries such as healthcare, marketing, and more, according to Forbes.

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