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August 19, 2016

Professional Organizations – Are they Worth Joining?

Professional organizations or associations whether national or regional can be a great way to expand your network in a desired field.  They often provide abundant resources including current events, literature, and ways to better qualify yourself for a job in the field (certifications, conferences, etc.).

Whether you are changing careers or have been in your field for a while, being aware of the benefits of a professional organization can help you decide if you should spend the time and money to join (look for the student membership price). Often the national organization has a regional chapter that you can be a part of for a more hands-on experience. Some of the benefits include:

-Broadening your knowledge

-Adding it to your resume

-Growing your network

-Becoming a leader by taking on a volunteer role

-Staying up to date or current in your field

-Finding out about jobs from those also in the organization

Below are just a few examples of professional organizations related to our Master’s programs here at University College:

Arts and CultureAmericans for the Arts, Arts Education Partnership

Communication Management- Business Marketing Association, American Marketing Association

Environmental Policy and Management- National Association of Environmental Professionals, National Association for Environmental Management

Geographic Information SystemsEnvironmental Rating Scales Institute, Urban and Regional Information System Association

Global Affairs- Foreign Policy Association, International Economic Development Council

Healthcare Leadership- Healthcare Information and Management System Society, American College of Healthcare Executives

Information and Communication Technologies- Association of Information Technology Professionals, Woman in Technology

Leadership and Organizations- Colorado Nonprofit Association, International Leadership Association

Security Management – American Society for Industrial Security, Information Systems Security Association

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