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November 6, 2016

20 Years of Leading Online Education

Think back twenty years. Let’s call it the pre-Google era. DVDs were around the corner, the iPod was still five years away, and Windows 95 was the new and exciting operating system from Microsoft. And, in 1996 at the University of Denver’s University College, we launched our first set of online courses.

University College itself started in 1938 as an avenue to a University of Denver education for busy adults. As the needs of learners evolved and new technology emerged, online education came to the forefront of education geared toward busy adults. By the turn of the century, online tools and courses grew in popularity with 80% of colleges offering at least one online course by 2003.

Today, University College serves students around the world and in 49 countries thanks to strides made in our technology. Each program at University College can be completed entirely online and there are 125 online courses to choose from in any given quarter. We also offer hyflex courses, in which students online can access on campus courses live as they happen.

While technology may change, one constant remains: at University College, we strive to connect learners with knowledge. We’re celebrating 20 years of inspiring, empowering, and growing with online education. Where will the technology take us next?

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