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May 31, 2017

Graduation Story: Cincere Hicks-Thorne

We asked graduates to share their journey to graduation. Here is what Cincere Hicks-Thorne (Information and Communications Technology) had to say in her own words…

How did I get here? I would not have without my family, friends and some really good professors supporting me. This has truly been a test by fire. My journey took me through all the things that happen in life.

I had knee replacement surgery that forced me to take a year off. I thought I could do my work from bed, but no! However, I got back on track. My job restructured me, I went from building and creating a department only to be told after years of hard work the department does not need a manager. My grade in the class I was taking at the time wobbled, but I rebounded and received an A.

Two years ago my mother-in-law passed in the middle of the winter, and we all drove through a snowstorm to New York. I was nearing the end of my class when that happened, and my professor was great. My mother-in-law had always been so proud of me working towards my master’s, and that motivated me. My family, as I was there in the time of sorrow to support them, supported and encouraged me to complete my assignments.

I have a son with autism who has sat and watched me do my homework for years, he would always have this look on his face and would smile. Recently the look has been one of puzzlement, probably wondering, “why is she so cranky?”

There has been joy as well. My daughters are my cheering section. Brit, my violinist, who finished her bachelor’s is now working on her master’s in performance. Bri, my chef, completed her associate’s in culinary and is now working on her bachelor’s. My husband, who had to cook more, has been the voice of reason when I thought, “Why am I doing this to myself?” And again, when I was up late, he would say, “you need to go to bed, you are not making any sense.” My sister and nieces, saying, “You got this!”  My mom – the best cheerleader, the best friend, the best homemade meals, the best mom of the century!

That is how I got here.

Congratulations, Cincere!

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