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June 29, 2017

Building Content, Faculty, and Collaboration: New Healthcare Leadership Director Outlines Vision for Program

University College is pleased to introduce Dr. Bobbie Kite, the new Academic Director and Associate Professor for the Healthcare Leadership program. Dr. Kite comes from The Ohio State University Wexner Medical Center, where she served as a Clinical Assistant Professor in the field of Biomedical Informatics and where she will remain an active adjunct faculty member through the next year.

The focus in the next three months at University College will be building a robust faculty pool, forging new collaborations in the Denver community, and continuing to deliver career-focused content. Dr. Kite will also continue to invest in informatics, a growing area in the healthcare industry, through the new Health Data Informatics and Analytics program launched in spring 2017.

“I’m committed to ensuring the content and cases we’re using to teach students stay very focused on the cutting-edge of the changes that are happening, whether that be technology, policy, or payment cycles,” said Dr. Kite.

With an avid interest in teaching, community collaboration, and research, Dr. Kite chose to join University College so she could continue her passion for teaching and also maintain her research work. Currently, Dr. Kite is conducting research focused on population health, including projects centered on wellness coaching and senior communities. With Denver being a leading place in the nation for population health, there is significant opportunity to collaborate with one of the local 150+ healthcare organizations.

“I want to seek collaborations and link business to research, making it practical,” she said. “We do that through a robust internship program and tapping into the Denver market.”

While embarking on these initiatives, Dr. Kite also strives to connect with students and learn about their experiences. Welcome, Dr. Kite!

Dr. Bobbie Kite also serves on the Board of Colorado Healthcare Strategic Management (CHSM) as the Analytics Chair. Dr. Kite was previously a National Library of Medicine Fellow.

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