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June 2, 2017

Graduation Story: Annie Foley

We asked graduates to share their journey to graduation. Here is what Annie Foley (Strategic Human Resources) had to say in her own words…

When I began this program in January of 2014, I was a well-rested newlywed. Three-and-a-half years later, I’m a sleep deprived working mother of two. My husband works full-time and is a full-time student at Metro. People ask us how we do it. I always answer the same way: I don’t know! We just do the work to make it happen. Whatever “it” may be. This educational journey has taught me the meaning of teamwork as an adult. If not for my supportive husband always saying “we’ll make it work” and close friends saying “you can do it!”, and instructors/professors who understand the demands of adult students,  I might not have finished this program. It took a village to make it happen.

At the beginning of the program, I had just made a career change into Human Resources. Finishing this degree, I am seasoned and fully prepared. Also, I feel accomplished. Adulting alone can be hard. Adding school on top of family life and work? So very hard. It’s also so very worth it. I’m proud of myself and my fellow graduates…

Congratulations, Annie!

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