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September 1, 2017

Veteran Resources to Know

The University of Denver provides many services to veterans and was ranked 53rd for “Best Colleges for Veterans” in the 2017 U.S. News and World Report for Best Colleges. Nearly 10% of University College students are veterans and active military, and we want to make sure these students and prospective students know the great services that the University of Denver offers.

We recently met with Damon Vine, Veteran Service Coordinator for Veteran Services, and learned about the great things the University does for student veterans. Damon has a lot of experience working with veterans, as he is one himself, serving in the Navy for eight years and is the current treasurer of the Colorado Advisory Council on Military Education.

Damon Vine, Veteran Services Coordinator

Damon is available to assist veterans and active military students in offering guidance in person or over the phone to accommodate students outside of the Denver area. You can make an appointment at 303-871-2074 or at

Student Veterans Association
The University of Denver Student Veterans Association (DUSVA) seeks to promote the success of University of Denver Student Veterans through service, leadership, and scholarship. The organization aims to assist veterans in making successful transitions from military to academic life by creating a support network, educating veterans on benefits, and providing a welcoming atmosphere at DU. DUSVA has hosted events including Ask a Vet Anything and hockey game meet-ups. This past year, DUSVA  hosted a Meet and Greet with retired U.S. Army general, George Casey. Get more information about DU SVA and watch out for upcoming events.

Right Foot Forward
The Right Foot Forward program is designed to help student veterans and prepare for the job market. Interested students will go through an application process, and 4-5 students are selected to participate. These students are matched up with a mentor based on their career aspirations. Each participant will be involved in a series of planned meetings with a DU Career Services career advisor and their industry mentor. These meetings will include topics such as resume advice, networking, and improved social media presence. At the end of the program, each student will receive a suit at no cost to the participant, to interview in and be prepared for the job searching process when they graduate. For more details about Right Foot Forward, visit the Veteran Services programs page.

Peer to Peer Network
The Peer to Peer Network program guides incoming veteran students so they can make a smooth transition into higher education and the DU community. Current veteran students can volunteer and be paired up with a new student and guide them as they start their educational journey at DU. Learn more at the Veteran Services programs page.

The Sturm Center
The Sturm Center is part of the Graduate School of Professional Psychology at the University of Denver and their mission is to train students so they can provide behavioral health services to veterans, service members, and their families. DU active military and veteran students can apply to get high-quality, confidential behavioral and mental health services through the Sturm Center. For more details, please visit the Sturm Center online.

The Veterans Advocacy Project (VAP)
The Veterans Advocacy (VAP) at the University of Denver’s Sturm College of Law combines legal education with public service, helping veterans who have received a less than honorable discharge under circumstances beyond their control, such as suffering from an undiagnosed PTSD or TBI. The Veterans Advocacy Project assists veterans who, after discharge, have been denied services from the VA secure what they have earned and help get the medical attention they deserve. Learn more about how VAP can assist you.

Veteran Honor Cord Ceremony
Join fellow veterans at the Veteran Honor Cord Ceremony to celebrate the graduation of DU student veterans. Every year DU Veteran Services celebrates this tradition at the Buchtel Memorial Tower with past guests representatives from Governor Hicknelooper’s Offices and Senator Michael Bennet’s Office. Follow the DVeteran Services events page to get information for the next ceremony.

Learn more about Veteran Services at the University of Denver by visiting

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