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October 17, 2017

Healthcare Careers and Networking

After interviewing more than 100 Healthcare Leadership students about their experience so far at University College, one thing was clear to Bobbie Kite: we need more networking. So on October 11, Dr. Kite hosted “What Next? Healthcare Careers and Networking” on the University of Denver campus. The event was co-sponsored by Colorado Healthcare Strategy and Management (CHSM).

The event featured top healthcare leaders from the Denver community, including Rachel Hall (Ernst & Young), Steven Merker, Drew Hoffman, and Vince Visuth. Speakers advised students about executive interviewing, what to expect when choosing an entrepreneurial path in healthcare, different career path opportunities, and cultivating a network.

Based on survey feedback, students found the event valuable and look forward to attending more in the future. Miss the event? No problem. Watch the video clips below and download the slides for tips on interviewing, networking, and more.

Prefer the audio? Download the full audio version here.

Rachel Hall: Career Planning in Health

Download “Career Planning in Health” slides.

Steve Merker: Entrepreneurship in Healthcare

Download “Entrepreneurship in Healthcare” slides.

Drew Hoffman: 50 Shades of Healthcare

Vincent Visuth: Networking Infrastructure

Download “Networking Infrastructure” here.



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