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October 31, 2017

Say It Isn’t So: When a Class You Need Isn’t Offered

What do you do when a class you need isn’t available, has a wait list, or just gets canceled? While this scenario can certainly create a kink in scheduling for your degree plan, finding the solution can be relatively easy.

First, it helps to determine if the class in question is a foundation, specialty, or further study course. If the class you need is a foundation or specialty course, you could simply choose to take an elective now and then enroll in the foundation or specialty course next quarter. Since foundation and specialty courses are generally offered frequently, this might be the most sensible alternative, one that both remedies the current situation and helps you to stay on track for your degree.

If it turns out that the class you need falls into the further study part of your degree plan though, the remedy might require a call or email to your academic advisor to discuss your options. The elective, or further study, that is part of your degree plan can be flexible, and any of the four classes you chose under further study can be substituted with advisor approval. If the class you want is listed under this section of your degree plan, you can simply choose an alternative course from your degree program or another degree program offered at University College. Then, call or email your advisor with the class you are considering and the course you will substitute it for on your degree plan. Your academic advisor will do their best to work with you to accommodate your class scheduling needs while still making sure you are meeting the requirements for your degree program.

Finally, if your class crisis does not fit into either of these two scenarios, stay calm! Talk to your academic advisor; they understand both the intricacies of your busy schedule and the complexities of course scheduling. Reach out to them and let them help you find the best solution for fixing your registration conundrum and ultimately, continuing with your degree progress! Make an appointment with your advisor by calling 303-871-2291.

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