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July 23, 2018

Considering a Job in Sustainability? Go Green!

Sustainability continues to be a growing field and now represents around 4.5 million jobs, according to a report done by the Environmental Defense Fund. From the public to private sector, there is a wide variety of opportunities for professionals looking to break into the field and make a difference. Here are three reasons to consider a career that focuses on sustainability.

Making an Impact
Many professionals who work in sustainability feel that they are making an impact in the world by choosing a career path in sustainability, including University of Denver University College alumna Casey Stock, who is currently the manager of sustainability at DaVita Kidney Care. “It just clicked that I could choose a path that not only was I passionate about, but I could make a difference in,” she said.

Job Growth
The latest Bureau of Labor Statistics employment trends found that demand for sustainability professionals is projected to grow 11% through 2026. The Environmental Defense found that solar and wind jobs have risen by 20% annually and created jobs 12 times faster than the rest of the U.S. economy.

Large Companies Committing to Sustainability
Companies across the world are making it a priority to be sustainability conscious. From energy use to recruiting to waste elimination, brands are making sustainability part of their goals including Panasonic and Coca-Cola. Alumna Casey Stock is working to help DaVita Kidney Care on its journey to be the “Greenest Healthcare Community the World Has Ever Seen” and reach their 2020 environmental goals.

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