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August 22, 2018

Five Communication Skills Strong Leaders Posses

Whether you manage a small team or work at a large corporation, having strong communication skills is vital to your success as a leader. From change initiatives to persuading stakeholders, being an effective communicator can help you and your organization achieve goals. Here are five communication skills that strong leaders possess.

As a leader, it’s important to list and not dominate the conversation. When you stop to listen, you can learn and work with your colleagues to create stronger ideas. By listening, you can provide thoughtful feedback and improve the communication process within your organization.

Being transparent will help your colleagues keep their trust in you and the organization. When you build trust with your colleagues they are more comfortable, more productive, and are more willing to embrace change.

Understand Nonverbal Communication
Reading nonverbal cues will help you determine what your colleagues are feeling and if they have trust in your leadership. Understanding nonverbal communication can also give you an advantage when it comes to public speaking, conducting meetings, giving presentations, and negotiating.

According to the Muse, 97% of executives listed great writing skills as a must for employees. From newsletters to internal commutation, being able to write well will build your reputation as an effective leader and benefit your organization.

Be Authentic
Make time to be personal and authentic. Being authentic helps build relationships and rapport. Leaders who show authenticity can have more engaged and honest conversations with their team, which can enhance performance.

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