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September 25, 2018

University of Denver Collaborates with The MADDEN Museum of Art

Highlighting the collection of 135 artworks valued at $10 million located at The MADDEN Museum of Art in Greenwood Village, the University of Denver’s Enrichment Program will offer a three-session course this October dedicated to the 19th– and early 20th-century paintings and artists part of the collection. A hidden gem in the south suburbs, The MADDEN Museum of Art exhibits artworks donated to the University of Denver by commercial developer and art collector John Madden, Jr

“We’re hoping to bring awareness to this impressive and relatively unknown collection of art in Greenwood Village,” said Michael McGuire, dean of University College where the Enrichment Program is housed. “This is an excellent learning opportunity for the community and highlights the invaluable collaboration happening between community leaders at the University of Denver.”

The course will be taught by Dan Jacobs, art consultant and former director of the Myhren Gallery, and students will enjoy an up-close examination of American masters and Italian artists represented in the acquisition. In addition, students will gain insights to how the artists helped to develop a national identity through their depictions of landscape and rural scenes.

“Participants will leave with greater knowledge and appreciation of the paintings and artists featured in the collection, along with learning more about related research,” said Deb Olson, director of the Enrichment Program. “This collection and the course series open the door to new opportunities for those interested in art history and beyond.”

The Madden collection doubles the monetary value of the University Art Collection’s existing art assets, now reaching more than 3,400 artworks, and is part of the University of Denver’s commitment to expand accessible collections and leverage them as educational resources for students and the community.

Wine and appetizers will be served each evening and the grand finale will feature a catered Italian feast. To register, visit or call 303-871-2291.

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