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February 28, 2019

New! Supply Chain Management Graduate Certificate

The University of Denver has launched a new graduate-level credential to help prepare professionals for the dynamic field of supply chain management — an industry that accounts for 37% of all jobs in the United States.

Offered jointly between University College, the Daniels College of Business, and the Transportation Institute at the University of Denver (DTI), this graduate certificate provides end-to-end knowledge of supply chain management.

“Students will have the opportunity to work directly on real-world supply chain projects, learn from industry leaders, and develop hands-on experience,” said Jack Buffington, program director and professor of the practice at the University of Denver. “This is a highly unique curriculum that will set graduates apart as 21st century supply chain professionals.”

Demand for supply chain professionals continues to rise with 7% annual job growth projected through 2026, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. To help fill the talent gap and meet the demand, the University of Denver will prepare graduates to effectively manage the flow of products from raw material sourcing to manufacturing, transportation, and inventory management.

“Our goal is to help develop a smarter, more sustainable transportation system,” said Michael McGuire, dean of University College. “Through this new credential, we’re amplifying our positive impact in supply chain and continuing to build the academic/industry partnership established by the Transportation Institute more than twenty years ago.”

To learn more about the fully online graduate certificate in Supply Chain Management visit or contact Enrollment Manager Chris Heriza at


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