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February 20, 2019

Three Reasons Why You Should Consider Working for a Nonprofit

Looking to start out in a new field or take your career to the next level? Consider joining the nonprofit sector!  With more than 20,000 nonprofits in Colorado (wow!) and 1.5 million nonprofit organizations across the country, the possibilities are nearly endless. According to the Johns Hopkins Center for Civil Society Studies, nonprofits are creating jobs three times the rate of for-profit companies and the industry generates $638 billion in wages. Here are three reasons why you should consider working for a nonprofit for your next career move:

Wide Range of Opportunities
There are many different types of job opportunities with various skillsets offered in nonprofits. Nonprofits need teams that can do a wide range of job tasks with a variety of different backgrounds to be successful. Positions in nonprofits can include management, human resources, volunteer management, administrative support, technology, marketing and communications, fundraising and development and much more. Within these job roles, many nonprofits offer positions from entry level to higher level management, providing several opportunities.

Work Environment
The 2018 Colorado Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Survey found that 88% of the nonprofits provided health insurance options, and more than 72% of organizations offer their employees’ health insurance in one month or fewer from their start date. The survey also found that 53% of nonprofit organizations match employee retirement contributions. Some other highlights from the Colorado Nonprofit Salary and Benefits Survey include the fact 74% of organizations offer professional development and 72% give employees an option to have a flexible schedule.

Making a Difference
One aspect of a job that people seek when searching for new opportunities is being passionate about what they are doing and making an impact in the world around them. Working for a nonprofit is an excellent opportunity to be a part of an organization that is benefiting a cause that you feel strongly passionate about.

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