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April 5, 2019

Four Reasons to Work in Cybersecurity

Combating data breaches has become a must for businesses. This past December, Marriott International reported more than 500 million customer records were accessed when their Starwood reservation system was hacked. Later that month, Quora had a data breach where as many as 100 million users had their information compromised. As data breaches continue to happen and make headlines, businesses need to find ways to prevent data breaches and protect consumer data. Here are four reasons to consider working in cybersecurity.

Booming Field
According to Forbes, there are more than 200,000 cybersecurity-related positions unfilled, and for every ten cybersecurity job postings on Indeed, only seven people click on one of the job postings. Cyber Defense Magazine projects 1.8 million cybersecurity professionals are needed by 2022 to fill the demand.

Salary Potential
Emsi Labor Market Analytics data found that cybersecurity professionals make around $46.01 to $57.23 per hour compared to the national top target occupation salary, which ranges from $30.16 to $57.23 per hour.  According to Glassdoor, Cybersecurity Managers make around $88,000 annually nationwide.

Challenging and Impactful Work
Many cybersecurity professionals find their work rewarding beyond the pay and feel a sense of integrity in their profession. According to a survey done by CIO, 44% of the respondents found that their work was important and meaningful and 56% found their work was challenging and exciting.

Nationwide Demand
While many major cities like San Francisco and D.C. have a demand for cybersecurity professionals, smaller cities such as Colorado Springs, CO and Huntsville, AL have many opportunities as well.

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