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April 12, 2019

Benefits of Having a Background in Creative Writing

Colleges across the United States are noticing an increased demand for creative writing courses thanks to social media and the culture of self-expression, according to the Associated Press. While many believe a career in creative writing is limited to publishing, combining strong writing skills with imagination can be beneficial throughout your career. Here are the benefits of having a background in creative writing.

In-Demand Skill
According to the National Association of Colleges and Employers, 82% of employers are seeking job candidates with strong written communication skills across all industries. Burning Glass Technology found many technical occupations in healthcare and information technology list writing as a baseline skill for success.

Easily Adaptable
Having a background in creative writing doesn’t mean you’re limited to writing novels. Many businesses rely on writers to develop creative written content for marketing, public relations, social media, even internal communications. Many writers also use their skills to write about industries they are interested in for journals or online publications.

Develop Your Personal Brand
Enhancing your creative writing skills can help you stand out and develop your own personal brand. Many writers find success in creating blogs, podcasts, or video content thanks to their ability to craft stories and engage audiences through the use of vivid language. From sports to cooking, writing what you are passionate about can help you gain a following. Even if you are blogging on the side, you’re able to add experience to your resume and enhance your brand

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