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June 7, 2019

Graduation Story: Dianna Robinson

We asked graduates to share their journey to graduation. Here is what Dianna Robinson (Communication Management) had to say in her own words…

Before I knew it, I looked up, and I was 28 years old. I would sit in meetings at work and was always intrigued by the people that had taken their education a step further. I received my undergraduate degree in 2012 and didn’t feel complete. I wanted and needed more. More times than not, I look around the room in professional settings to find that I am the only black woman. This is a powerful and intimidating feeling at times. I then go home and look at my children, realizing that they too are likely to experience this. One day, I told myself, I can do it too. I can do it before I’m 30. The next thing I know, I applied to the DU Communication Management program without telling anyone. I was accepted and announced this huge accomplishment to my family. I have three children and a husband and adding something this huge was definitely going to be a challenge. My husband jumped right in and made sure that he filled in all of the voids that were now there due to me starting my program. To make things more complicated, I was promoted to the Public Awareness Specialist for the Colorado Child Abuse and Neglect Hotline just eight months into the program.

I would be responsible for all of the communications, marketing, and messaging strategies for the statewide campaign. I landed my first communications job in the midst of (and because of) this program. Over the past 18 months, I have been busy, challenged, and overwhelmed, but I have gained something that I have never had before. For the first time in my life, my education efforts have a purpose. I have obtained the skills necessary to relay messages to various demographic audiences, and I am confident in all professional settings. My children and my husband are so happy to have me back this summer. I have worked my butt off for this degree, and I am so thankful for the University of Denver and all that it has done for me. I am encouraged and proud. I cannot wait to look up at my 3-year-old daughter at the commencement next month and let her know that, “black girls get hooded too.”

Congratulations, Dianna!

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