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August 13, 2019

Graduation Story: Kevin Sicner

We asked graduates to share their journey to graduation. Here is what Kevin Sicner (Organizational Leadership) had to say in his own words…

I began the master’s program in March 2016 and started with one on-campus course and one online course simultaneously and was successful with both, but the workload overwhelmed me and scared me so much that I took the next two quarters off. I had to motivate myself to continue in January 2017. I took one course at a time over three years, combining both on-campus and online courses and enjoyed having the option (based on personal life obligations) to mix and match in this way. My favorite part of the program was the mix of students with for-profit, not-for-profit, and government (military) backgrounds. In my undergraduate and professional life, I’ve been surrounded with like-minded business professionals, and it was fascinating to learn about organizational leadership at my age of 28-31 from those who had worked in organizations with goals that differ from generating profit. I particularly enjoyed my courses with Deb Daufeldt, Ellen Winiarcyzk, Donald Anderson, and Marshall Costantino. I made a couple of great friends in the courses, and I look forward to maintaining those friendships after graduation. I now live in Los Angeles, CA, with my boyfriend as of April 2019, and my family is traveling from Omaha, NE, to celebrate the achievement. My dear friend, mentor, chosen parent at times, and former colleague, Carla, has also flown here from Milwaukee, WI, to mark the occasion and I would recognize her as my most influential cheerleader and ardent supporter – the person from my personal life most responsible for helping me to complete this momentous life goal.

Congratulations, Kevin!

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