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January 8, 2020

Enrichment Program Offers Timely Topics on Pressing Global Issues

Of the nearly 50 short courses offered through the University of Denver’s Enrichment Program this winter/spring, nearly all connect to a contemporary issue facing society today. Taking global issues and making local connections, the Enrichment Program brings together experts within the Denver community to discuss important and timely topics.

“Whether reflecting on our past or anticipating future trends, our programming sheds light on pressing global issues,” said Lynn Wells, director of the Enrichment Program. “This term there are several courses that focus on the challenges and tribulations of women and the people who love them, along with courses that dissect troubling issues that continue to plague our society.”

Take for example Human Trafficking, a four-session course exploring the $150 billion industry known as modern-day slavery. A panel of local experts including U.S. Ambassador Gary Grappo will discuss the history of human trafficking and the current anti-trafficking movement, connecting this global crisis to the local level. Or, consider Anti-Semitism, a course that explores the relationship between the anti-Semitism of the past and present, and what we may do to shape a more unified future. The year 2020 marks the 75th anniversary of Auschwitz’s liberation and the end of the Holocaust. Yet, today we are still battling some of the same forces that brought to bear these horrific events. A grant from the Rose Community Foundation will offset 50% of the course cost.

Another timely course presented through the Enrichment Program celebrates the centennial of women’s suffrage and reveals how Colorado led the efforts—with women in Colorado amongst the first to vote nearly 27 years before the 19th Amendment was legalized. While incredible strides have been made, the course will also cover how even 100 years later, equity in voting rights is lacking. This course is presented in collaboration with History Colorado and their exhibit dedicated to the Women’s Vote Centennial Colorado // 2020 and the League of Women Voters of Colorado.

The Enrichment Program offers an array of short evening and weekend courses for the curious adult and is an open door to the expertise within the University of Denver and the surrounding community. Winter/spring courses are now enrolling.

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