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February 27, 2020

Student Perspective: Time Management Tips to Stay on Track

By Audrey Lebel

Let’s face it, pursuing your education can be overwhelming sometimes! As a current University College graduate student, I’ve learned the importance of consistent time management as I completed a graduate certificate and then transitioned to a master’s degree in Communication Management. Here are some tips from a current student that may help make your academic experience less overwhelming and more productive.

1. My number one tip is to meet with your academic advisor early and often — at least once per quarter. Your academic advisor is a fantastic resource for discussing opportunities related to your current program. To set up an appointment with your advisor, contact the Student Support Center at 800-347-2042 or, or schedule an appointment through PioneerWeb.

2. For keeping up with your own time management, keep an eye on important dates listed on the University College website. This calendar lists notable events such as registration, holidays, and workshops. Add these dates to your own calendar as a helpful reminder when planning your schedule.  

3. Take time out of the hustle and bustle of the 10-week term to reach out to your professors. Whether asking about a specific assignment or the general landscape of the industry you hope to join, professors can offer meetings via phone or Zoom to provide feedback and answer questions. Looking at the comments and rubric from prior assignments is also very helpful when preparing for a final project. Consult your course syllabus for further information on setting up a meeting with your professor. 

4. Use the time between assignments to complete your course readings in advance and when it comes time to do your assignment, take time to absorb the course content to maximize learning. Give yourself time to think critically about the content that is provided to you. This time spent brainstorming may give you insights into how to better your personal or professional life. 

5. Leverage campus resources such as the Anderson Academic Commons when working on assignments. The “Ask a Librarian” feature is super helpful! Research consultations are also available if you have more in-depth questions. These appointments can be in person, over the phone, or via Zoom. 

Effectively managing your time will help you get the most out of your program. Also, everyone operates differently! Develop and stick with strategies and techniques that work best for you.

Audrey Lebel is a current graduate student in the Communication Management program and serves as a Student Support Specialist at University College, the college of continuing and professional studies at the University of Denver.

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