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April 22, 2020

New Additions to the Geographic Information Systems Program

At University College, we’re constantly evaluating our programs to create the most relevant offerings that align with both our students’ aspirations and the market’s needs. That’s why we’re pleased to introduce four new specialized graduate certificates in the Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Program:

  • GIS in the Environment
  • GIS in Public Safety
  • GIS Tools and Technology
  • GIS and Unmanned Aircraft Systems.

These 4-course specialized graduate certificates allow current or aspiring GIS professionals to focus on specialized areas in the ever-evolving GIS field.

“The certificates provide a chance for people to earn a credential at a more focused approached to their GIS education,” said Steve Hick, department director of Geographic Information Systems. “The audience for these offerings are two-fold: people who have limited experience with GIS but really want a focused approach with the technology and those that have been in the industry and want to retool their skills.”

The GIS program at University College was one of the first to offer both master’s degrees and certificates in the industry, and it continues to be a leader providing relevant education experiences in the fast-moving field.

GIS in the Environment

Focus on GIS applications in the environment and learn analytical techniques that support facility site selection, environmental impact analyses, and characterization of environmental hazards. Student will gain experience in using technology for environmental assessment and natural resource management, conservation, and preservation.

GIS in Public Safety

Understand the tools needed to assess threats and plan for safety and continuity. Examine health and safety in your community and apply tools and analytical techniques to understand and mitigate public-safety issues.

GIS Tools and Technology

Cultivate knowledge of the “nuts and bolts” that make GIS software, data, and applications function. Professionals will focus on the tools in databases, customizing applications, streamlining spatial data processing, and publishing services on the internet.

GIS and Unmanned Aircraft Systems

Gain insight into one of the fastest growing areas of GIS: the use of unmanned aircraft systems (UAS), or drones, for mapping and analysis. Students will build knowledge in geographic information systems, learn to operate UAS, and prepare aerial photography collected from drone platforms for use in GIS.

Interested in pursuing a graduate certificate in one of these areas? Reach out to Enrollment Manager David Rossi ( or 303-871-3634).


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      If you are interested in pursuing a GIS certificate, please reach out to Enrollment Manager David Rossi ( or 303-871-3634). You can learn more about University College’s GIS program, including certificates offered, at

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