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June 11, 2020

Graduation Stories: Wei Guo

We asked graduates to share their journey to graduation. Here is what Wei Guo (Communication Management) had to say in her own words…

This has been a life-changing period for me; it is special and memorable.

Looking back at my academic journey with DU, it was hard and almost a seemingly impossible task to accomplish at the beginning, but I did it. I am proud of what I have achieved. Despite feeling homesick, frustrated, exhausted, and sometimes with tears, I never thought about giving up. I finished it and I finished it strong!!!

I moved to Denver in March 2018 from China for my graduate studies in Communication Management. As an almost 10-year working professional in China, many of my peers couldn’t understand my decision to further my study in a new country, because I am not that young, I had a decent job and enjoyable life in China, now I will spend all my savings for my studies.

But I know this is what I wanted, and I followed my heart. Despite the challenges of language, culture, and being homesick, I focused on my everyday task, one step at one time, little by little, my English got incrementally improved, my confidence level to interact with native speakers increased and gradually I considered DU/Denver as my second home. I even became an officer of the DU Speaks Toastmasters Club.

I still remember before taking my first class of “Persuasive Methods and Techniques” course with Professor Travis White, I was intimated and anxious. I was worried about I couldn’t be able to understand the class, I was worried about I would be the only Chinese person in the class, I was worried about I couldn’t be able to make friends, I was worried about I would be too shy to participate in the discussion and I was worried about so much more…… Along my academic journey at DU, I have received the continual support and encouragement from my professors, academic advisors. my fellow classmates and of course my family and friends. Without you, I know I couldn’t accomplish what I did today. You are amazing!!!

Thank you so much to all of you and particularly my professor Travis White, my academic advisors Tracey Muoio and Teddy Rose, my godfather Bill Chiang and my mentor Arlene Jayme.

This special journey with DU indeed makes me a stronger person. It is not just about achieving a master’s degree, it is about overcoming all the hardship, the unexpected life occurrences, and all the challenges along the journey.

I have lots of respect for all the professionals who have full-time jobs and pursue their academic studies at the same time. It’s not easy but we know it is worth it!

Now I am a DU alumna. I will carry this pride as a DU graduate throughout my life and always carry the spirit of not giving up, focusing, and perseverance that I had developed during my studies at DU no matter what I do and where I am in my life. Thank you DU and All!

Congratulations, Wei!


  1. We are all so proud of you Kelly. Remember your time in Beijing. All I can say Kelly is that your hard work has paid off for you. Kelly you have come a long way.


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