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Meet Our Alumni: Joseph Biniasz

In this series, we catch up with some of our amazing alumni to get their thoughts on the University College experience, how their education contributes to their professional roles and more! Today’s post introduces us to Joseph Biniasz, a 2016 graduate, earning a Master of Professional Studies (MPS) in Organizational and Professional Communication with a concentration in Public Relations and Marketing. Now working in Real Estate, Joseph is a Denver native with a long-standing relationship with the University of Denver. Read on to learn more!

Why did you decide to pursue a degree at University College?

“As a Denver native, DU has always had a presence within the Biniasz household,” said Joseph.

Joseph’s father, Tom, received both his bachelor’s and master’s at DU and spent years working at DU in telecommunications and as a project manager. Hoping to follow in his father’s footsteps, Joseph was able to use the dependent tuition waiver to complete his education in just two short years at University College.

What resonated with you the most while pursuing your degree?

Joseph especially loved Bob Bentz’s digital marketing course — he loved Bob’s leadership style, the book Bob wrote for the course, and found the curriculum to be extremely relevant to his work at the time in Real Estate lead generation.

In addition, Joseph appreciated the non-traditional demographics and different walks of life that were represented at University College. The diversity Joseph saw in other students throughout the program created commonality and contributed greatly to enriching the classroom experience. He highly valued that everyone wasn’t doing the same thing, and it was in stark contrast to all the similar stories and perspectives from under graduate school. He also found that obtaining his education at University College taught him excellent time-management skills, often learning to juggle evening classes, working full time, and his social life.

How do you use your education in your current position? 

“DU is very prestigious, and many people have applauded me for getting my master’s at such a reputable institution,” Joseph said. 

Working as a mortgage banker, Joseph’s education has helped him from a communication standpoint, allowing him to relate to clients who are often in different phases of life.

The digital marketing aspect of his education, specifically, has helped in the demographic targeting process and knowing how to market particular kinds of loans to specific clientele. In his current role, Joseph often uses SMS marketing campaigns and tactics to keep up with clients, a skill he learned in Bob Bentz’s course.

What advice would you give to current/future students to get the most out of University College?

“Get involved! Work to create relationships, and get into some of the student body events, councils, or programs,” Joseph said. “Secondly, don’t look back, and don’t quit! This type of program really allows you to take a break, do just one course per quarter, and find your niche. The classes are highly specific and built for you to succeed.”

What are you reading right now?

“Desert God by Wilbur Smith. It’s a bit far out, but it’s a fun read.”

Author Megan Brogdon serves as Marketing Coordinator for University College.

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