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July 7, 2020

Meet Your Advisor: Stephanie Swanson

In this series, we talk to our amazing advising team, to get to know them better and learn about how they can help students! Today, we meet Stephanie Swanson, academic advisor.

Let us know a little about yourself:

I grew up in Littleton, CO and went to Colorado State for my B.S. in Business Administration and Regis University for my M.Ed. in Secondary Business and Marketing. I have always had a passion for being a mentor to others as well as guiding students through their educational journey to meet their goals. Outside of work, music is a significant part of my life. I am in a semi-professional a cappella group and love seeing live music any chance I get. I also enjoy making the most out of living in Colorado by going hiking, snowshoeing, and camping.

What programs do you advise for?

I am the academic advisor for Healthcare Management and Health Informatics.

What can a student gain from meeting with you?

Students can expect to experience authentic mentorship and guidance when they meet with me regarding registration, their courses, or other challenges they are encountering.

How often do you suggest a student meet with you?

I suggest that students meet with me 2-3 times throughout each quarter. Students can expect to discuss their goals, degree plan, course registration, and any other questions or concerns.

Best advice for students on how to navigate the education/work-life balance?

An education and work-life balance can be challenging if adult learners do not practice time-management and proper scheduling. I always recommend that students carve out dedicated times throughout the week to work on their coursework. If students have weekly chunks of time that are scheduled in as if it were a job, they are more likely to complete the work on time and experience fewer distractions. Keeping those times consistent can build healthy study habits!

You can contact Stephanie at or 303-871-2492.

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