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September 25, 2020

Leveraging the Power of Blockchain

Blockchain. You’ve heard the term, but might feel unsure about what it means exactly. You know it’s essential for business and an emerging technological solution, but what is it, really?

Find out through Blockchain Application Analysis, a crash course in blockchain offered online through the University of Denver’s Center for Professional Development. Ideal for business leaders, executives, and entrepreneurs looking for deep insight into the blockchain revolution, this course equips you with tools to confidently assess if blockchain solutions fit your business, and understand how to position yourself at the top of the pack in this new market.

Blockchain technology is disrupting a wide range of business operations, and even entire businesses themselves, at an exponential rate. Governments, healthcare, financial institutions, insurance, real estate, and technology companies are all actively engaged in developing new products and services leveraging this technology. Despite these advances, there is still a pervasive gap amongst many as to exactly why and how to effectively utilize these nascent technologies.

In this five-session course, you’ll find answers to the following questions: What technologies, essential definitions, and concepts enable blockchain? What are the operating principles of blockchains and smart, self-executing contracts, plus blockchain business applications? What kinds of blockchain services and solutions exist today? Why and how should I use them? How can I assess the validity and value of blockchain solutions for a specific use-case?

The course culminates with a research-informed presentation on a blockchain business use-case. You will demonstrate your understanding of the blockchain systems that are critical for companies to remain competitive with the new tools disrupting industry.

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