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September 4, 2020

Meet Your Advisor: Peter Twist

In this series, we talk to our amazing advising team, to get to know them better and learn about how they can help students! Today, we meet Peter Twist, academic advisor.

Let us know a little about yourself:

I’ve been bouncing around the country for the past few years.  I’m from Pasadena, CA, then lived in Orange County, then Philadelphia, and now living in Denver.  I used to teach 6th grade Social Studies and English—and after that experience—am happy to be working with our student population

What programs do you advise for?

I advise for the Organizational Leadership program.

What can a student gain from meeting with you?

My value-add would be helping students pair courses, giving them insight as to which instructors will match their particular style of learning, and I am always happy to play cheerleader when my students feel stress.

How often do you suggest a student meet with you?

Students should meet with me as often as they feel necessary.  I hear from some students every week, while others only check in every couple quarters.  However, I would say don’t progress more than halfway through the program without checking in with me; it’s a good idea to always make sure students are staying on the path.

Best advice for students on how to navigate the education/work-life balance?

School/work/life balance is always the challenge.  In my own experience as a graduate student working full-time, I had the best success dedicating set hours to school work.  In my case, that meant setting the alarm to be up early and a few hours on the weekends.  Even just an hour in the morning three days a week made a huge difference.  I would also recommend keeping a log of hours you dedicate to your studies.  That helped me resist the temptation to forage in the kitchen or do other things that seemed like more fun when buried in books.

What else should your advisees know? 

Just know that this experience will be challenging—and at times—overwhelming.  However, without pushing ourselves, we cannot grow or achieve the things we want in life.  Stay the course!

You can contact Peter at or 303-871-3697.


  1. Good afternoon,

    I would like to meet with you to discuss my way ahead in pursuing an organizational leadership graduate degree vs the philanthropy graduate degree. I am torn between the two.

    • Hi Karen, you can reach out to the Organizational Leadership Enrollment Manager to discuss your educational path. The Enrollment Manager is:
      Katelyn Phillips
      Organizational Leadership

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