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March 31, 2021

Explore the Development of Emerging Markets with University of Denver’s Enrichment Program

How do international markets develop and succeed…or fold? University of Denver’s Enrichment Program is hosting an in-depth look at four countries that smart investors know they need to understand to make wise investments: Brazil, Russia, India and China (BRIC). 

“They hold a combined population of 3.1 billion people, or 40 percent of the world total,” says seasoned markets analyst Brian Friedman. “All four of these countries are aspiring world powers, and people who want to make sense of the international economy often find it confusing and chaotic—until they recognize how underlying systems of power, law and finance can influence any country’s economic performance.”

Join Friedman and University of Denver’s Enrichment Program for a revealing tour of these four countries, exploring their systems and the economic potential of each country. Examine each country as an instructive and useful case study to help you gain a better grasp of international markets and how they develop—or fold.  Which ones might reach world-power status? Is China really a rising superpower, or will it eventually succumb to serious obstacles? What about the others? Follow along as Friedman compares and contrasts BRIC, their future prospects, and it relates to international investments. 

This short course is just one of many available through the Enrichment Program at the University of Denver. The live online offerings help you gain knowledge and stay informed about local and global events, as well as encourage personal development and enrichment. These info-packed courses don’t come with tests or homework; they are simply bite-sized sessions that provide a deeper understanding of current issues, personal interests, and professional skills.

Register for “How Emerging Markets Develop: A Comparative Analysis of Brazil, Russia, India and China,” beginning April 19, or explore other courses available at

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