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August 5, 2021

Remembering Richard ‘Dick’ Lamm

In addition to serving as Colorado governor, Lamm was a long-time instructor for the University of Denver’s Enrichment Program.

Former three-time Colorado governor, Dick Lamm, is being remembered for his life and accomplishments after passing away on July 29 at the age of 85.

In a statement, his wife Dottie Lamm said, “With great sadness, but also gratitude for a life well-lived and in service to his beloved Colorado, I want to share the news of the death of my husband, former Governor Richard D. Lamm. He would have turned 86 next Tuesday but passed away yesterday evening surrounded by his family, following complications from a pulmonary embolism earlier in the week.”

Lamm was well-known for his long political career, serving three terms as Colorado governor, from 1975 to 1987. Prior to that, he served in the state legistature beginning in 1964.

Sometimes controversial, but oft regarded as larger than life and steadfast in his beliefs, Lamm was known for his strategic thinking and being ahead of his time in addressing issues such as the environment, open records, and other social issues.

He is perhaps most known for his opposition to Colorado hosting the 1976 Olympic games, bringing both environmental groups and fiscal conservatives together to defeat the proposal. This event was what launched him into the governor sphere.

While his impact in state politics will never be forgotten, the University of Denver’s Enrichment Program will always remember and be grateful to him for his dedication to the program and his commitment to lifelong learning.

Lamm started as an instructor with the Enrichment Program in its very first term and taught through 2019, always drawing large attendance to his popular lectures and courses.

His courses focused on a variety of political, social, and personal topics, including lectures titled, “The Idea of Community: a Public Dialogue,” “Life Lessons: Lamm and Lamm,” and “Retiring the Baby Boomers: Is the New Deal Demographically Obsolete?”

“It was an honor that Dick Lamm chose to teach lifelong learning courses for the Enrichment Program at the University of Denver, enabling our students to learn from, and engage with him, in both large and small settings. For over 15 years and through 2019, Mr. Lamm offered courses on public policy, health care reform, intergenerational challenges and life lessons, to name a few. We appreciate the contributions he made to the program, and of course to our beautiful state of Colorado,” said Lynn Wells, Enrichment Program Director.

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