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January 5, 2022

2022 Industry Outlook

Entering a new year brings the opportunity to reflect on the past while anticipating what’s to come. Across industries, the impact of COVID continues to change the way we do business. According to a recent report from CNBC, executives expect continued volatility in 2022. University of Denver faculty agree: Expect the unexpected, yet again, in the coming year.

Jack Buffington, who runs the supply chain management program at the University of Denver, suggests 2022 will bring COVID-19 impacts and capacity limitations in logistics. “However, the year will also provide opportunities in data science and analytics, blockchain, and new ways of thinking about persistent problems,” Buffington said. “The upcoming year will be an exciting one for the field of supply chain management.”

The healthcare industry will also face transformative change in 2022, as telehealth grows and consumer experience takes center stage. A spotlight has been shone on healthcare as a service, and patients now have higher expectations. Bobbie Kite, associate dean and director of healthcare programming at DU’s University College, says “More bureaucratic doors have been opened in the past two years than 15 years of robust change management could have accomplished in terms of digital health advancement.”

Businesses won’t be the only entities impacted by the instability to come in 2022, as nonprofit organizations also face uncertainty. Ellen Winiarczyk, academic director for the nonprofit leadership program at the University of Denver, predicts virtual fundraising will be a priority since it can be challenging to plan events without knowing if they’ll need to be cancelled. A hybrid approach to fundraising may be more prevalent, which will help manage costs and reach donors far and wide.

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