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March 10, 2022

EUCAST Partners with University of Denver to Provide 4G and 5G Wireless Broadband Access

Partnership to Provide Wireless Broadband Access in Rural and Remote Locations

EUCAST Co. Ltd., a South Korean company with 4G LTE and 5G advanced wireless telecommunication technology, has teamed up with the University of Denver (DU) to provide state-of-the-art wireless broadband equipment and solutions to rural and remote communities and businesses in Colorado.

EUCAST provides wireless communication systems that allow users to access the internet whenever and wherever they want. Its advanced equipment, comprising base stations, control servers, core network, and network management systems, offers users in remote and underserved communities’ access to the internet. EUCAST also provides private network solutions for businesses that share confidential information.

The partnership with DU includes internships for two engineering students from the Ritchie School of Engineering and Computer Science, as well as two University College students who are working on their graduate degrees in Organizational Leadership and Communication Management, respectively.

The student team will assess core wireless technologies, product portfolio and roadmaps, and market application cases in order to develop a plan to begin providing rural and remote communities with broadband service. Product and solution testing will be conducted at DU’s Innovation Labs, housed at the Ritchie School.

In addition to experience, students receive a $2,000 academic scholarship for completing the 30-week internship through Colorado Universities Innovation Council (CUIC).

The combination of an international technology company working with university students supported by Colorado’s state government is the type of innovative partnership that University of Denver values.

“This unique collaboration provides a perfect opportunity for students to gain first-hand experience advancing the public good while working directly with emerging technology applications and international organizations,” said Michael McGuire, dean of University College. “It gives them a chance to build valuable, marketable skills and network with other professionals who will help them in the workforce while ensuring that underserved communities gain the ability to connect in a meaningful way.”

Communication Management student Qingyu Zhou is one of the two University College students on the project and serves as marketing communications lead for the team.

“I started my graduate degree at University College in 2021 in Communication Management because I want to start my career in the field,” she said. “When I learned of this project, I considered it to be a great opportunity to gain real working experience and network with companies, others at University of Denver, and with people who work at international companies like EUCAST.”

EUCAST founder and CEO Jaehyeong Kim visited the University of Denver team and Innovation Labs on Thursday, March 17 to provide updates on the project and meet with DU community members and industry leaders. 

EUCAST has been in the advanced wireless access technology marketplace for more than a decade and established its global headquarters in Denver, Colorado last month.

“I am grateful for University of Denver’s partnership in bringing our advanced wireless technology to the U.S.,” said Jaehyeong Kim at the kickoff event hosted at DU’s Innovation Labs. “Our technology can contribute and make a positive impact on underserved communities. From first responders working in emergencies to students dealing with remote learning, or businesses working to reach customers, 4G LTE and 5G systems provide valuable benefits.”

For more information about the EUCAST and University of Denver partnership, please reach out to University College Senior Director of Marketing and Communications, victoria.o’, or Assistant Director of Marketing and Communications,

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