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May 26, 2023

What is Instructional Design?

This new field creates powerful learning experiences

There’s a surging job title in the U.S. that you may have never heard of. This is the role that thinks about how learning happens – no matter the topic.

Instructional design is the job of designing new learning or training experiences and developing effective curricula. Instructional designers might create e-learning courses, develop new employee training programs, or assess training modules to ensure they’re inclusive. They combine learning theory with the latest technology tools, making classes interactive and engaging in order to improve learning outcomes.

This is an emerging profession, but one that is already in demand. The Bureau of Labor Statistics expects about 20,900 new instructional design positions to open yearly over the next decade.

As more learning is done online due in part to the pandemic and remote work, there’s demand for learning experiences that are effective, engaging, and well-packaged. There’s also a demand for greater equity and inclusivity in learning design, and strategies that meet the needs of diverse adult learners.

Sought-after instructional design credentials

Typical job titles include training manager, learning experience designer, curriculum developer, or instructional technology specialist. Many of these roles require graduate education in the field.

That’s why the University of Denver’s University College offers high-quality master’s degrees and certificates in Instructional Design and Technology. These programs are designed for busy adults, so the learning works around your schedule. In just 6 months (for a certificate) or 18 months (for a master’s), you could earn a credential in a field that celebrates learning.

Our concentration in Adult Learning and Inclusive Design teaches students to cultivate an inclusive mindset and learn best practices for instructional strategies, assessment, and interventions. Many of our instructors are leaders in the field, so they can bring concepts to life with real-world examples and offer valuable industry connections.

If you’re interested in finding creative, powerful ways to design experiences that promote and deepen learning, explore our offerings in Instructional Design and Technology. It’s the perfect moment to unleash the power of learning in your future!

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