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February 22, 2024

Travel through the Lens of Scott Dressel-Martin

For most people, photos from travel are a way to vividly recall a unique and exciting experience. For Scott Dressel-Martin, photos can be much more. “The goal of this class is to inspire people to maybe shoot a little more, shoot a little differently,” he says. “I want people to view the world with wider eyes when they go traveling.”

“I love the opportunity to not just remember a place, but to also reinterpret the world that you’re in and to use your photographic tools to make a statement and capture your feeling for that space,” he says.

Dressel-Martin will teach Travel Photography for DU’s Enrichment Program on March 13, 16, and 20. In the first session, he’ll relay some of his best tips and tricks for capturing great images while traveling and take questions. The second session will be an in-the-field photo shoot with hands-on assistance and answers to specific camera questions. The third session will serve as a peer group critique using the resulting images, giving each other positive feedback and advice.

“One of the biggest challenges before you travel is the issue of what gear to take,” Dressel-Martin says. Despite the temptations of fancy equipment, it’s important not to weigh yourself down too much. “The lighter your gear, the more likely you are to take pictures.”

Dressel-Martin got into photography in high school, in the days of film, and fell in love with it immediately. He earned a bachelor’s in communications and then a master’s in photography. After working as a photojournalist for several years, he realized he wanted to do more creative work in which he could shape stories with his images.

Now Dressel-Martin owns his own powerhouse photography business. You may have seen his work documenting the Denver Botanic Gardens; he has been the official contract photographer there for two decades. He also has worked for many nonprofit clients in health care, early childhood education, and affordable housing.

“Teaching photography is all about helping people achieve their creative goals,” he says. “There’s an element of self-discovery. When you’re out taking pictures you can oftentimes learn as much about yourself as you learn about your subjects.”

Dressel-Martin is a generous teacher, showing students his mistakes as well as his successes, and helping them navigate tricky situations. He even encourages students to keep in touch long after a course, bringing him their questions about equipment or photo composition.

To claim your seat in Scott Dressel-Martin’s Travel Photography class, register here.


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